Ira "Buster" Carter

Buster Carter was my father-in-law who also had a passion for cars. In the eighteen years I knew Buster, there was never a time he wasn't working on a car. Much of what I know today on how to work on cars, owe to him.

The first project I helped him with was a 1959 Chevy Impala convertible. Rescued from an old farm in rural West Virginia, Buster drove the car home fighting mice and wasp that had taken up residence in its seats and trunk. Following him down the road on the way home, I wondered why he was driving like he had been drinking. That's when I noticed the swarm of wasp flying around his head. Many of them ended up on my windshield. Months of sweat and tears followed and the wrecked black on black Impala was transformed into a bright red traffic stopper. Later, Buster added a two door hardtop as a companion car.

These cars were sold and a '29 Model A and '35 Ford Coupe followed. He spent his last years working on two '51 Fords before a heart attack cut his life short.

Buster was buried in a black and gray coffin because everyone knew "Buster would think it would wax up real nice."

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