Brian's Chevy S-10

Starting with a stripped down 1998 S-10, after four years, immeasurable number of hours, encounters with shady and unscrupulous customizers, and way to many dollars later, the end result is what appears below. A multi-show award winner at various shows around the country including two 1st in Class trophies at NOPI Nationals.

While all show with little go (never did get around to switching out the 4 banger with a small block V8), this truck represents what can happen when you spend every dime you make and devote every weekend hour to creating a dream ride.

Over four years, this truck received two different sound systems, three suspension upgrades, two sets of wheels and tires and two new paint jobs (one thanks to a large hail storm).

Lessons learned? First, you're going to have to do almost everything twice as you're never happy with second place trophies. Second, if at all possible, do the work yourself. It may not be perfect but more than likely, it will be better than paying someone else to do it and not getting your money's worth. Third, do it for the fun and the passion because you'll never come close to recouping your investment.

Finally, when the time comes to sell your dream ride, be prepared to feel an emptiness that can be compared to losing your best friend. My dream ride now belongs to someone else and I hope that she's being treated with loving care and affection.

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